Why Making Your Bed Matters [FIXED]

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The world is divided into two kinds of people:  those who FEEL BETTER when they make their beds, and those who FEEL JUST FINE with a messy bed. Self-improvement articles show up on facebook feed all the time.  Some of it’s helpful, others not so much.  Normally I just ignore the ones that “aren’t for me”…but I couldn’t let this one go. Making your bed is not for everyone.

I know, that navy seal said you should do it during that commencement speech in Texas.  I am not a navy seal.  I am a Mom.  If I make the bed the moment I wake up, I just have to make it again right before I crawl into bed.  I am a mom.  I have kids.  Kids like playing on our ginormous bed. It’s a thing.

I decided years ago that I would completely forego my added health and happiness benefits and just let the kids play.  Honestly, it made me angry each time someone messed up my bed–any wrinkle, nap, cuddle, or teddy bear that ended up on my bed. More honestly, I just don’t care about my bed being perfectly neat from morning ’til night.

People like to come along and shove their ideas of perfection in your face.  Do you remember the Lego movie??  Come on!  Not everyone likes every single thing to be perfectly in its place.  The world takes all kinds of people.  If you want your bed to be perfect all day, then make it.  If you want to write an article telling everyone, ‘hey, I do this thing first thing every morning that really helps my day go better and you might want to give it a shot’ – great!  It’s when you start saying everyone everywhere needs to quit being lazy and do what you do or they’ll be miserable and unsuccessful and unworthy–that is NOT OK.  It is not true.

Some people thrive on order, but others thrive on freedom.  There is nothing wrong with that. Freedom fosters creativity and invention. Don’t let anyone tell you that success is dependent on making the bed. Part of being healthy and happy is allowing yourself to be YOU.wall-416062_1280



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