Why Doctor Who Season 7 is Better than it Looks…..

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After watching The Rings of Akhaten, I felt a profound sense of loss.  I confided in Patrick, “what if I just don’t like Doctor Who anymore??”  I was so sad.  To cheer myself up, I went and read all the reviews.  I was not alone.

Oh, everyone’s holding out for a better season, giving excuses for why the plot lines are falling short.  Enjoying the beautiful Clara’s pretty face.  Waiting for the magic to happen that will suddenly click and all the episodes will totally make sense and make all previous and future episodes awesome.

I adore Stephen Moffat.  Like the kid who refuses to give up on Santa Claus, I’m waiting for the Doctor Who magic to happen.  Guess what, last night I found it! All those clues right under our noses, and it just fell into place.


Everyone’s so excited for the 50th year tribute episode.  The tribute has already started.  The Rings of Akhaten had nods to the first doctor–he talked about going there with his grand daughter.  That wasn’t the only reference.  I’m not old enough to have seen all of the Doctor Who episodes, but I watched all the first doctor’s episodes a few years back.  Remember the ones with the Aztecs? They thought one of the companions was a god?  ..the secret passage?  the dilemma of sacrificing an innocent….Let’s just say it brought me back.

Then we watched Cold War.  They brought back a martian that the second doctor dealt with.  More than that, I’m told that the style of writing (trapped in a confined area, etc etc) was just like the writing style back in the day.  Patrick asked if the second doctor’s companion did as she was told.  (‘cuz it was so odd that Clara did just that! Does anyone know??)  It’s funny because in the comments it’s the oldest fans who are enjoying series seven the most.  My attention span can’t handle TV that was written 50 years ago!  But, each week we’ll get closer to the Doctors that I know and love; the humor; the scarf and the celery!  I am just dying for another episode with multiple Doctors in it.  [I know it didn’t happen because it would’ve been all over the news, but a girl can dream!!]

Now then, next week we have Hide which looks to be a ghost story.  I’m not familiar with the third doctor, either.  However, maybe I’ll brush up a bit so I can get all excited over nods and references and enjoy this week’s episode that much more.