Welcome to the End of the World!

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End of the World!

The end of the world is a time to hold your family close and think about the things that really matter.  The recent situation in Conneticut could be a sign of the times.  I love the cartoon that shows what the Mayan calendar is REALLY predicting. I don’t really see the world ending tonight.  But it’s fun to play along and think about what I would do if it was…

I was picking up some groceries for dinner last night.  What would you pick as your last meal?  I grabbed fixings for taco salad!  and then glazed donut holes and frosted cookies for dessert.  (Hey, calories don’t count if there’s no tomorrow, right?) Not quite formal enough for your last meal?  I’m having a hard time putting my whole heart into it.  Yummy, though.  I love the spicy chili Doritos!

Oh Wait…

Anyway, it was all for nothing because I didn’t realize that *tonight* is the last night rather than last night.  I feel so foolish! So what are my big plans for tonight?  I’m dragging my hubby to see the new Jack Racher movie.  (He’d rather see the Hobbit, but while I want to see that I’m afraid it will be slightly boring.  /ducks. And I just couldn’t let my last movie on God’s good earth be boring!)  I am willing, however, to see if it’s possible for Tom Cruise to be a good Jack Reacher or if it’s just another sign of the apocalypse!

It has to be better than the last Bond flick. As we were walking out of Skyfall, I told Patrick I wished we’d watched the most recent Mission Impossible for a third time instead. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a Tom Cruise fan.  I didn’t even think he was that cool in Top Gun.  Didn’t go gaga over him!

But here’s the thing

I LOVE Lee Child.  He is an excellent writer.  He’s taken a lot of flack since Tom Cruise was announced as playing the lead role.  Child has constantly defended the choice.  So, I figure I have to give it a chance.  I’d hate to be so attached to Reacher’s height that I miss a great movie.  I loved the previews and am hoping for a great movie.  (Even if Patrick won’t stop calling Jack Reacher “Conan”.  He doesn’t seem to care that it totally ruins it for me!)

As always, I’ll let you know if it was awesome or if it sucked.  Meanwhile, enjoy a hand-picked preview:

Looks good, right?

Don’t forget to watch for Lee Child’s cameo in the movie – he’s a cop.  tall (but sitting).  ruggedly handsome.  no speaking lines.  did I mention tall?…can’t miss him.

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