Veronica Mars: Season 2

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So, I have no idea why it took Jill and I forever to come across Veronica Mars: The Complete Second Season and decide to watch it, but it was awesome when we finally did.  I think we went through this season at an average rate of 2.5 episodes a night.  My goals to get to bed on time were trashed, but I was having fun.

Season 2 does great things with Logan (Jill has a crush).  I think Jason Dohring is a great actor.  I don’t know that I am a great judge of that, but I think he is pretty talented – he seems authentic in a way that many others are not.  I’m looking forward to seeing him in the Veronica Mars movie and then maybe in others after that.

Kristen, of course, is amazing, too.  I can sit and watch interviews of her on Craig Fergusun for hours – such a wit and quick mind.

There is plenty of conflict and mystery, especially surrounding the overarching plot line.

We got the HD version because I am an HD snob.  I don’t know that it really made a difference, but it frustrates me when things aren’t clear and I know they should/could be.

It is fun watching Veronica get more and more professional and experienced, causing trouble for people the whole way.  I think there is a cathartic element to the show.  Sometimes people get away with crap in life and you wish they would “get theirs.”  With Veronica around, they always do.  It almost makes up for the real life people who get away.  I wonder if that is why people like cop shows so much.

Wallace (Percy Daggs III) plays heavily in plenty of these episodes, which is great.  There is even some odd drama between him and Veronica that spices things up a bit.  You also get a sneak peek at college life (foreshadowing?) in Neptune.

Weevil loses some of his charm, but gets a little more real.  Not sure if I liked that or not.  Wish we could have had our cake and eaten it, too.  Jill taught me early in our relationship that when people make you choose between a and b, it is still ok to say “both.”

All in all, we loved Season 2 and really enjoyed it, snarfing up those episodes like they had just the right balance of salt, sugar and fat – so you could eat and eat and never feel satisfied.  I feel about this show the same way I felt about Firefly.  Why stop!?