#TimezUpKidz Review and #SPotD @JaySekulow

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At five years old, Teto discovered a way to get around Windows 8 parental controls. Of course she happily shared these with her older brother and sisters. I had great hope that they would fix parental controls in Windows 10. Nope. Teto’s work-around (different from all the others I’ve read about online, btw) still makes Windows parental controls completely useless.

After much searching, I found the best parent controls program ever: TimezUpKids

Most programs I looked at were bloated and expensive. TimezUpKids is perfect. It was obviously made by a parent for his own kids. The installation notes include what to do if your child is a computer wiz. He also invites you to email him if you have any problems.

You can set general time limits or customize each day. A friendly voice gives reminders of how much time is remaining at specific intervals. It tracks usage.

Right now I have it set to let Jay log on 9am-8pm (but not during 12-1 which is lunch or 5:30-6pm which is dinner). Additionally, he can only use the computer for 1 hour at a time. Then it won’t let him log back in for atleast 20 minutes. (You can customize the times.)

The forced break time is my favorite feature. There is no fighting or begging or bargaining. Jay knows when it will kick him off the computer. He knows how long before it will let him back on. He uses that time to do homework, exercise, show us cool tricks, clean up around the house, play with friends or sisters–all without prompting.

He is never on the computer when it is time to eat. He is never on the computer when it is time for bed. The kids no longer fight over computer time. Jay clearly knows when his turn is over. When his sister is already on the computer, Jay clearly knows he’ll be able to have his own turn in an hour (or less).

Installation and setup were simple. There is a 30-day (no credit card required) trial. The cost is $30. (per household rather than per computer)

The only drawback is that it does NOT network to figure out how much time he spends on each computer. It is possible to play on Dad’s computer then immediately play on my computer. Easy fix: he picked one computer and has zero time allowance on the second computer.

I highly recommend that you check it out: http://www.timesupkidz.com/free

♡ Jill


Spotlighted Periscope of the Day [#SPotD]: @JaySekulow

This is absolutely periscope done right for TV and Radio broadcasters.

It’s funny that radio broadcasters have a deeper understanding of how to use periscope to enhance their shows. Click on any radio broadcast on periscope. You will get to watch them on air, then they’ll talk to you when they’re off air. There is an innate need to fill every moment with something. No dead air–even on periscope. It feels intimate and behind the scenes….but after 3-4 times, it’s repetitive.

Click on any TV news broadcast on periscope. The anchor will set the camera right on them. You will watch their broadcast from an odd angle and then watch them just sit there. During breaks, the anchors will talk to each other – visibly nervous that they’re on periscope, too.  It is behind the scenes, but also “hey, look at me” as if periscopers merely want a chance to stalk them. So much ego!

It’s like they don’t quite get it. No effort is made to embrace the periscope medium. Until today.

Jay Sekulow’s show was different. Broadcasters need to start taking notes:

  • Camera on a tripod. Steady. Proper height – like the viewer is in the room.
  • Extra visuals for periscope viewers: smooth panning over to images and videos relevant to the conversation.
  • Downtime: converse directly with periscope viewers as if they were in the room. Repeat or recap insightful periscope comment on air.

It felt like the 100+ periscope viewers made up an additional person in the room. Sekulow treated us like a person. I felt respected, heard, involved. It was immersive. Professional.

Great job, guys!




Check out Periscope online here: http://onperiscope.com/ (website viewers can watch but not chat or give hearts)

Download Periscope FREE here:

iPhone: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/periscope/id972909677?mt=8

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=tv.periscope.android&hl=en