The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012)

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I recently reread The Hobbit and it was not as cool as I remembered it to be.  Though nothing will take away from its seminal and historical significance, writing styles have certainly evolved since it was written.  The story was missing many of the great elements of fiction that I now love (show don’t tell, really getting into the mind of the protagonist, etc.) and the exciting fantasy part is something that I (and nerds like me) have gone over and over in various ways for the past few decades.

So, I knew that the story would be a series of vignettes where the players dash from one disaster to the next and somehow make it out.  I also had heard that this was Part 1 of 3, so they would be taking the story slowly and in great detail.  Now, Jill does not like boring middle parts, so it was a big risk taking her to see this movie, but she agreed to go and even wanted to, so I figured we would just do it and see how it went.

Funny thing happened.  It drug on a little for me, but less so for her.  There were plenty of great parts.  I LOVED the goblin king, among many other aspects.  Gollum was great, of course (the guy needs to get his own talk show – SERIOUSLY.  Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart have shows.  Why can’t he?).

There were other parts that just seemed too long or felt like filler.  Some of the fight scenes could have been cut shorter.  Maybe they would have been more captivating in 3D (Jill gets motion sick, so no to that).  Maybe not.

One thing that was pretty cool: they seemed to be telling the story from a different point of view than that laid out by the fictional author, Bilbo.  There are parts of the movie that I did not remember reading in the book and I think that maybe they were either just made up by Peter Jackson, or maybe deduced or found in Tolkein’s notes somewhere.  I would not expect Bilbo to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth in his retelling.  In fact, in the beginning of the movie, he as much as admits that to Frodo.

So, did I hate it?  No.  Was it as awesome as The Lord of the Rings? No.  Will I take my kids to see it – probably, yeah.