The Circle of [ZOMBIE] Life and #SPotD @JeannieGaffigan

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zombie costumeDo zombies have a life cycle? On periscope today, Jeannie Gaffigan was wondering about zombies as her children played on the playground. What a perfect time to wonder about zombies!

Zombies vary from story to story. Season 11 of Supernatural opened with a very zombie-like threat. Those “zombies” had a 4-6 hour life span. It was possible to just wait them out.
iZombie writers have yet to tackle the issue of life span. Though, they have shown that brain function deteriorates rapidly when zombies don’t eat enough brains.

World War Z and Warm Bodies gave us more insight into the inner workings of zombies.

The real issue of suspending your disbelief comes when you start thinking about how zombies can no longer heal. So how long would they last? General lore says zombies can live 3-5 years. Logic makes it hard to see any zombie lasting that long. Zombie’s blood circulation is from skeletal muscles rather than the heart. So, their blood pumps…but slowly. This is why their skin and other parts degerate faster than people but slower than corpses.

Then we have the walking dead….starting season 6. Have the writers just ignored that little bit of zombie lore so they can keep going? Has the story run its course? Do we care? How willing are we to overlook that little bit so we can keep getting new episodes?

Ultimately, it’s best to pull out too soon than too late. [Firefly and Veronica Mars not withstanding.]



Spotlighted Periscope of the Day [#SPotD]: @JeannieGaffigan

Clearly I know more about zombies now than I did before Jeannie brought it up. I just love that she asked. I love that she asked followers to mull it over and discuss it next time. I especially love that she periscoped from the playground. Playground time can be boring for moms. It doesn’t make you a horrible person. It just makes you a person (as opposed to a nice zombie). Learning how to be a person AND a mom is one of the bigger challenges of motherhood.  Nice balance of watching your kids and having a life. Nice inclusion of your audience. Nice periscope.


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