Son Day, maybe?

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At church, he borrowed a pen from the lady sitting in front of us and passed me a note:

Mom, can I play on your computer when we get home? _________

Like smart Moms everywhere, I replied with a maybe:

Maybe.  Please make good choices if you want good consequences.

“I will, Mom,” he whispered. He sat up straight and looked directly at the pulpit.


Church made me feel happy today.  It doesn’t always.  Sometimes I dread going.  Sometimes it’s just a HUGE pain.  Sometimes I’m constantly shushing the kids and embarrassed by their behavior. Then I’m forgetting names that I really should know by now.

Often “funny” trumps “the rules” in my boy’s life. I stress over how to teach him things that are important to me–like Church and God and how to treat others. I remember thinking my parents were way too stressed over those same things “for no reason”.  I stress over it anyway.  He has a lot more church in his future.

How do you teach your kids the important things?

♡ Jill