Skyfall (James Bond Movie 2012)

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So, I took Jill to the movies. to see Skyfall, the new James Bond flick.

I feel so weird after seeing it. It was a well made movie, yet I somehow missed the James Bond part. Where is the magic of Mr. Bond’s wit and charm? The sexy/flirty element seemed to be an in-congruent ingredient that was sprinkled in lest it be forgotten. Why do I feel like I am watching a Jason Bourne movie?

Good stuff: cinematography, story, interesting bad-guy, action, danger level

Bad stuff: “M” seems (for the most part to be an object carried from place to place. I wish she could have showed off her great mind. Maybe she didn’t have one? The interaction between the agent who first drives Bond around ends up ruining a classic Bond element for the future.

If you don’t go in expecting Bond, you will probably have a good time.

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