Silver Linings Playbook – Movie Review

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I have a thing with silver linings.  I try and see the world that way and I think a lot of people suffer needlessly because they focus on the bad too much.  While that was not an overarching theme in the show, it was present and I liked it being there.

The plot felt real and you could really root for the characters.  Lots of three-dimensional characters with their own emotions and agendas and solid acting.  A nice scattering of two-dimensional characters for comic and other effect.  Nice balance of funny and dramatic.  Nobody stood out as being out of their league and there was tons of solid talent in the making of it.

What a great show.  I don’t usually go for love stories, but this one was well done and I didn’t feel all greasy afterwards from cheese.  I also loved that there was an underlying theme of “there is lots of crazy going around but only some people get caught.”  I totally think that’s true, especially when I’m the one who got caught.