Ready for Halloween?

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I love Halloween.  I get to give gobs of candy to little kids who might not get enough sugar otherwise.  They look so cute.  and happy.

I make Patrick take the kids out.  I can’t stand the idea of missing giving out candy….even though it means I might miss my kids doing something cute.  Hmmmm….I’ll have to think about that one.  Patrick – you better tell me about any and all cuteness!!!

Piper likes to plan out everyone’s Halloween costumes.  Last year she did nearly everyone, but this year most of the kids are sticking up for themselves.  Don’t tell, but I’m going to be Hello Kitty something-or-other.  That’s the biggest problem I have with costumes.  I like to dress up, but I’m not sure if it actually counts as a costume.  When people ask, “what are you?”….I am not sure what to tell them.

Oh well – I will dress up anyway and have fun doing it.  I called dibs on the blue hair this year!

Lots of new pins on Piper’s Easy Weeping Angel costume this week — it really isn’t that hard to throw it together.  Maybe 5 hours after shopping.  There’s still time!!

What is your family going to be this year?