Periscope: the Playboy Mansion

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Last night multiple periscopes came out of the Playboy Mansion from the prescreening for the new Entourage movie. Not what I expected.

  • A bunch of guys standing around sipping drinks. There were 50ish guys standing around very stylish tables by an empty swimming pool.
  • 4 girls (size 0-2) dressed like very fashionable lawyers (like on the show Suits).

The girls were confident and smiling and…only talking to each other. It wasn’t their fault, really.  Even from my side of the world they looked friendly enough and approachable.  But the guys just stood their like it was their first junior high dance.

The periscopers (we’re talking famous-ish people who had scored invites for the prescreening, many of them attached to the movie) were too shy to even approach any of the girls.  Instead the men stood around in clumps and awkwardly snuck glances at the girls.  The periscopers were totally creeping–showing the girls from 10-15 feet away over the shoulders of other guys.

One guy went on and on about how while he was a happily married man with kids, he’d expected something completely different.  He had envisioned something more along the lines of walking around in the middle of a playboy magazine.  He felt the girls were way over dressed.  Still, he made no move to actually talk to any of them. Seriously? I mean I get that the girls are pretty, but arguably successful men should be able to atleast say Hi to a sexy woman, right?

The reality didn’t live up to the fantasy.  For anyone. It was pathetic.  and funny for all the wrong reasons.



Spotlighted Periscope of the Day [#SPotD]: Marco Traniello @marcopoker (sorry, Christina!!)  Marco and Christina might be the cutest couple on periscope.  They live in Las Vegas.  She is an amazing singer (check out her covers on YouTube). He plays poker professionally.  He mostly mooches off viewers wanting to see Christina, but who could blame him!  They have this whole “real couple” vibe going. Viewers help her pick out clothes and makeup for her performances (which is a LOT more fun than you’d expect). Christina is adorable–extremely talented but owns up to all of her insecurities. She breaks into song all the time and you’ll be blown away.



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