Periscope HowTo Tips: Writing a Fantastic TITLE

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Twitter’s new Periscope app provides an interactive slice of life for your viewing pleasure. Here’s a few tips to make your viewers happy.  [[Hint–crappy titles get less views]]

Don’t lie:  click bait gets old fast.  If your title says you are with Justin Bieber, he better be there. It might be good for one laugh, but no one will follow you.  No repeat views.  No trust. People don’t have time for liars.  Don’t lie.

Use relevant emoji: each time you periscope, use a unique combination of emoji in the title.  Potential viewers will recognize you quickly and be pulled into your page.  Use country flags.  Use images that point to your topic.  Not every periscope is listed with an image.  Make your title stand out more with emoji. Access emoji on your phone like this:


No negative labels: never include the words “boring” or “bored” in your title.  That tells people that you don’t even like your scope. Instead describe who you are or something defining about yourself: “Teen in Philly – AMA” instead of “I’m soooooo bored – AMA”; “Really, really sad fat lady” [this was an actual title which led to a lady who’d just found out her sister had died.  Remember that you don’t have to be perfect to be worth seeing].




It was fun to watch @Schwarzenegger on his first go at periscope. Big name. Blurred lines between Arnold and his character in his new movie, Maggie which opens today. He gave a tour of his office and then sat down for an interview. He had a mediator holding the camera and fielding questions which made the interview run smoothly.

I am more interested in seeing “behind-the-scenes” periscopes, but it was nice to see a famous actor doing periscope right.  Big thumbs up!











Check out Periscope online here: (website viewers can watch but not chat or give hearts)

Download Periscope FREE here: (IOS only, so far…)

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