Periscope HowTo Tips: CONTENT

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Twitter’s new Periscope app provides an interactive slice of life for your viewing pleasure. Here’s a few tips to make your viewers happy.  [[Hint–Prepare CONTENT before starting.]]

This is the biggest newbie mistake I see: depending solely on viewers for content. I get it, you go into other scopes and questions are flying like crazy and you feel awesome if they pick your question.  Sounds easy, right? Then you open your own chat; ask for questions; crickets; you awkwardly sign off and end the periscope. Here’s a better way:

1. Start with a greeting. Introduce yourself. Say hi and greet each viewer by names as they enter your chat. If no one is coming in, greet anyone who might be viewing from the web. Welcome web viewers and remind them that they can only interact when viewing from the periscope app.

2. Have 4 things to say. Even if planning isn’t your thing, jot down 4 things that relate to your topic that you can cover in your periscope.  It’s OK if you don’t get to all of them or if you go another way. It just protects you from having dead air.

3. Talk Talk Talk. I was watching Anna (@toffeeunicorn) this morning. She never stops talk.  Very friendly, welcoming. She often repeats the same phrase over and over….but it works for her.

4. Allow time for typing. This is where new periscopers really go wrong. The camera will make you nervous and skew your sense of time. If you ask for questions, let viewers have an extra, extra long time to think of a question and then slowly type it out.

5. Be interactive. If you don’t want comments, disallow comments when you title your stream OR use the video recording feature on your phone instead of periscope. Periscope is meant to be live AND interactive. Viewers are spoiled with others who listen and respond. They won’t stay while you ignore them.



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These guys really know there stuff and I’m excited to see where they go with it.

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Check out Periscope online here: (website viewers can watch but not chat or give hearts)

Download Periscope FREE here: (IOS only, so far…)