Periscope 101: Sound

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Twitter’s new Periscope app provides an interactive slice of life for your viewing pleasure. Here’s a few tips to make your viewers happy.  [[Hint–viewers want to be able to HEAR what you’re showing.]]


Test: save your periscopes so that you can see what you were doing when the sound was fantastic and what you were doing when the sound sucked.

Background: Is there music playing? Is the wind blowing like crazy? Is it louder than the speaker? Is another periscope echoing endlessly in the background because looping is all too tempting?? I watched a personal trainer leading someone through a workout yesterday, but his pump-me-up music was so loud I couldn’t hear what he was saying. It was a mess.  People left.

Position Microphone: Is the mic facing the direction of the speaker/music? [@PeterHollens had a Live jam session a few nights ago.  Talented piano.  Some vocals.  It was amazing!  *BUT* the phone was directed only at the piano.  Therefore the vocals were overpowered by the piano every time.] Are your viewers hearing what you want them to hear?

TV: I am not a fan of watching someone else’s TV on periscope.  *But*, if you insist on doing it, remember that we can’t hear the TV just because you can hear it.  Please take pity on your viewers and figure out how to get us sound for that story, too!

Check out Periscope here:

Download Periscope FREE here: (IOS only, so far…)


Best periscope of the day:

I am a HUGE supporter of interactive periscopes, but there was one today where we were just watching and it was still the coolest thing I’ve seen all day: @HuffPostLive with @BillNye the Science Guy.  Yes, we miss him.  and, Yes, Big Bang Theory makes us wonder what it would be like to run into Bill Nye the Science Guy on the street.