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Twitter’s new Periscope app provides an interactive slice of life for your viewing pleasure. Here’s a few tips to make your viewers happy.  [[Hint–viewers want to be able to SEE what you’re showing.]]

Lighting:  no one wants to watch a fuzzy picture of you or your dogs in the dark.  Turn the lights on! We want to see you. We want to connect. Give up on being shy.

Focus: to download the app, you have to have a decent camera.  What’s with all the fuzzy??  Please tap the screen to focus.

Space: The bottom third of the screen will be covered — don’t leave any blank space above you (or whatever you are showing).  It will be blocked by comments or titles.  This is one of the biggest newbie mistakes.

Stability: no one wants to watch a jumping, dizzying screen.  Use a tripod or a mount.  Prop your phone up with some sun glasses OR some books and a shirt.  Take care to have a steady hand.  Use a moderate and steady turning movements (unless your subject is a crazy fast race car).  Stability is especially important in a car.  I nearly thought all car periscopes were crap but even periscoping on the autobahn looks great if you have a mount for your phone.


Best periscope of the day:

Lots of great stuff going on today, but I have to go with Eric Appel (@erockappel) who whipped out a (frozen) cake and sweet tunes to celebrate Oprah’s first time on periscope.



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  1. I always have to use a tripod when I’m using a video camera. I seem to get the adrenaline pumping when I’m filming, and it ends up so shaky that you get seasick trying to watch it!

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