Newborn Sleeping Tips

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baby-303068_1280This morning on periscope, I met a 10 day old baby from California. She was just falling asleep. Every time her dad talked, she opened her eyes to see what she was missing. I remember those days. The father had white noise in the background to help her sleep. He was surprised when I suggested turning on music or the TV. I have 5 kids. Quiet at sleeping time is NOT the way to go.

Remember the pampers commercials that compare how you treat your first kid with how you treat your second kid? Totally true. First kid, you tiptoe around and try to not wake the baby. Second kid, quiet for the baby just doesn’t happen.

Newborns will sleep anywhere. Once a baby is 6-9 months old, it is really hard to change their sleeping habits. It is much easier to put on something loud than to tip toe around. Your baby will block out any noise that is happening *while* they’re falling asleep, but will wake up for a new noise.  So, if you are having a conversation while baby is falling asleep, conversation won’t wake the baby.  If you are watching TV or listening to music (normal volume, not soft), then your baby will sleep longer and more deeply.

If your baby falls asleep to silence, any creak or thump or sneeze will wake the baby.

What’s your best newborn tip?



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