Murdoch Mysteries – Review

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Murdock MysteriesI found a delightful little show called The Murdoch Mysteries.  It originally aired in Canada.  It follows the adventures of a detective in Toronto at the turn of the Century.

I’ve never been into historical fiction.  I find it….boring.  /ducks!!  However, maybe I just needed a good mystery to solve! Murdoch is very analytical (not unlike Sherlock only without the superiority complex). The conflicts with his boss are a little weak–to allow Murdoch and his methods to shine.  I find myself forgiving the show for this little quirk.

Murdoch has a “side kick”, Constable Crabtree, who’s eager to learn Murdoch’s methods.  What methods, you ask?  Murdoch finds something new to “invent” each episode.  Tonight he invented “sonar”.  He figured out how to do a “paint by numbers” to send a picture via telegraph, he came up with ballistics matching, too.  He’s always tinker with something and the other cops think he’s weird (a Catholic in the midst of Protestants!!).  It’s funny to see him “inventing” all these helpful methods….even if it is rather silly that he’d come up with all of them at exactly the right moment.

There’s also a bit of a love interest–with the coroner.  They have good chemistry together and have believable conflicts to their relationships.

Overall, the show is just generally happier than most murder/mystery shows on TV.  It’s a lot of fun and I’m not excited to catch up to production and have to wait a week between episodes….

Check out Murdock Mysteries–Free with Amazon Prime! (Make sure you get the one staring Yannick Bisson as Murdoch.)

♡ Jill