Mouse Won’t Scroll Down [[FIXED-easy]]

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Imouse-285123_1280 met an annoying little bug today on Google Chrome. My mouse stops scrolling as the page finishes loading. I think it might be tied to wordpress or even Jetpack because I experience it on some websites but not others. On further testing, I can scroll up but can’t scroll down.  I can only scroll down if I click and drag. So annoying!

I found many “solutions” that were a lot of work without permanently solving the problem. I tried:

  • turning off all extensions. See if it’s fixed. Turn them on one at a time to see which one is causing the error.
  • completely uninstall google chrome and do a clean install.

In the end, I discovered a simple fix that works every time: reset page zoom to 100%. Yep. I tend to hang out at 90% zoom. So, if my mouse stops scrolling, I go to the right-hand side of the search bar (the magnifying glass next to the star) and change the zoom to 100%.

So, please try resetting your ZOOM before you do anything more drastic! (or time consuming.)

Have you noticed this bug? Where? I’m starting to wonder if it pops up with Jetpack’s endless image scrolling. Let me know if it happens to you.



Spotlighted Periscope of the Day [#SPotD]: @neatandtangled  owner and designer Danielle Wells. More than exploring new places, I love seeing people share their passions on periscope. In a few simple minutes, she had me reaching for a pencil and paper so I could try out my own lettering.

Periscope needs a new feature: auto lock focus. This drives me crazy when I am drawing or coloring on periscope–the constant blurring and refocusing. If you agree, please send the periscope team a little note. Thanks!



Check out Periscope online here: (website viewers can watch but not chat or give hearts)

Download Periscope FREE here: (IOS only, so far…)