Mom Blog to Money Blog Review: Day 5

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Mom Blog to Money Blog Review: Day5

I shelled out the $199 $180 to see if Tip Junkie’s Mom Blog to Money Blog works.  (It’s an online workshop–BRING HOME THE BACON IN 31 DAYS OR LESS!–to walk you through making money with blogging–every blogger’s dream!)   No need for both of us to be out $200!  While I can’t tell you what’s in the workshop, I can tell you if it’s worth the price or not.

 Day 5

Today I worked on  Designing a Beautiful Blog   It was a cross between window shopping and “didn’t we already do this”….

Time Spent: 1 hour 10 minutes

There were LOTS of links, and I perused most of them.  I *could* have spent more time on more links and side links and other links.  However, I’m already pretty happy with my blog’s design (having redone it *again*) when we  were going over blog layouts.


  • Helpful – I like that she includes links for do-it-yourself as well as links for pay-someone-else
  • Resources – there were tons of links today.  No stone unturned, eh?


  • Missing Links – two of the links gave me a 404 error.  That’s just not good.
  • Felt like a Rerun – I don’t know if I just did extra research when we were studying blog layouts or if some of this stuff was already covered.  I worked really hard on design while I was redoing the layout.  So, I didn’t have as much to do as someone else might.

First Impressions

I think today’s lesson would’ve been better if I was actually following her time-table of 1 lesson each day for 30 days.  As it is, I made most of these decisions months ago and don’t really feel the need to go over them again.  Today felt like “extra” that I didn’t really need.  It wasn’t really worth $6 to me.  However, the “window shopping” aspect of it was fun and I can see how others would get more out of it than I did.  Or not.  Today was kinda iffy for me.

If you buy the workshop and have questions along the way, feel free to contact me.  I’m happy to help answer questions and I’ve just been through it so it will be easy to point the way :)

♡ Jill