Mom Blog to Money Blog Review: Day 2

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Mom Blog to Money Blog Review: Day 2

I shelled out the $199 $180 to see if Tip Junkie’s Mom Blog to Money Blog works.  (It’s an online workshop–BRING HOME THE BACON IN 31 DAYS OR LESS!–to walk you through making money with blogging–every blogger’s dream!)   No need for both of us to be out $200!  While I can’t tell you what’s in the workshop, I can tell you if it’s worth the price or not.

 Day 2

Today I worked on increasing the number of readers that see my blog posts.  This is one of those things where I’d already done as much as I was comfortable with.  So, I just had a bit more that was outside my comfort zone.  I guess it’s good for my blog, but I wouldn’t have done those ones otherwise.

Emails (0)

Happy to report that there has been NO spam or emails of any kind since the initial sign-up emails.  Yay!


  • Helpful Video – there was a video in the advanced section that helped me add something I would’ve otherwise skipped.  Her videos are pleasant to watch without being overly long.
  • Quick – today’s assignments were shorter.
  • my blog is potentially reaching more readers now – I feel more official now.  I also feel more pressure to produce more consistent content. (I guess that’s a good thing.)


  • Short Day – if I paid $180 for 30 days worth of content, I should feel like each day is worth $6.  I felt like today was worth $4.  Hopefully something on another day will help me feel like I’m getting my money’s worth.  There was a part I skipped over when she said we’d talk about it in more detail on another day.
  • Incomplete – I had to google how to do some of the things because the instructions were incomplete.  Maybe everyone but me already knew how to do it.  Maybe it’s super intuitive to everyone else.  I would’ve liked more step-by-step today.

First Impressions

Today was a bit annoying.  It really bothered me that I had to go look up steps for how to do things or ideal sizes for images so I’d know what to make.  I just feel like those things should have been included.  I still appreciate the info she gave me.  She told me what I needed to do next….just not how to do it.  I hope that’s not a trend.  I will definitely let you know!

If you buy the workshop and have questions along the way, feel free to contact me.  I’m happy to help answer questions and I’ve just been through it so it will be easy to point the way :)

♡ Jill

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