Mom Blog to Money Blog Review: Day 1

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Mom Blog to Money Blog Review: Day 1

I shelled out the $199 $180 to see if Tip Junkie’s Mom Blog to Money Blog works.  (It’s an online workshop–BRING HOME THE BACON IN 31 DAYS OR LESS!–to walk you through making money with blogging–every blogger’s dream!)   No need for both of us to be out $200!  While I can’t tell you what’s in the workshop, I can tell you if it’s worth the price or not.

 Day 1

Today I worked on my blog layout.  It needed lots of work.  Did you notice that my Day 1 review is a whole week after my Day 0 review? Yeah, that’s because Day 1 is jam packed with stuff to do.  Seriously, I could’ve taken another week to tweak everything.  I guess that makes me a tweaker.  (why is my hubby laughing?) I just want everything to be “just so”…and I can’t stand it when things are out of place.  Virtual things.  Oh, my house can get messy.  Kids.  ‘nough said.

Emails (0)

Happy to report that there has been NO spam or emails of any kind since the initial sign-up emails.  Yay! I guard my email addy like a total miser because I hate getting spam even more than I hate an empty inbox.


  • specific useful info – rather than broad strokes that include everyone who ever had a blog, she gives specific tasks to do that worked for her.  She has added stuff for people who want more.  It works.
  • applicable to a wide level of blog-experience ranges–I heard you should have 3 months of blogging under your belt before buying a membership to this workshop. I think you’d be OK even if you’d just started.  Don’t you wish you’d had advice for how to set things up from the start? Then I wouldn’t be “fixing things” so often.
  • my blog looks better now – I don’t know if you saw it last week, but it really does look better now.  I like it and feel more confident in my web presence.


  • login – The login screen takes you to your account settings.  Even when you want to be at the schedule page. I realize it’s just an extra click, but it’s not where I want to land when I log in. Slightly annoying every time.
  • Going around in circles – every 3-4 clicks, I’d end up back on the schedule page without clear direction of what to do next.  It was a little overwhelming.

First Impressions

It was like the first day of school.  I was a little nervous.  Is this the right thing for me?  Did I really just spend $200!  Is this going to help my blog? I wanted to do my best, felt a bit overwhelmed, but did great once I jumped in and started making the suggestion changes.  Not so hard!

Much of the stuff I already knew, but some of it was new. I didn’t expect today to have huge changes – have to make sure we’re all starting with a good page, right? I do feel more confident in Tip Junkie’s expertise.  Looking forward to moving along to the next step!

♡ Jill

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