Mom Blog to Money Blog Review: Day 0

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Do you make money blogging? me neither.  but that would be awesome, right?

So, Tip Junkie made an online workshop to walk you transforming your blog into a money-making blog. The thing is, I remember her blog when it was just a blog.  I followed her on facebook.  Look at her now – 60 million views a month?? Compare that to my 135 views last month. Huh.

So, can her workshop work for you?  Let’s find out!  I shelled out the $199 $180 to see if it works.  No need for both of us to be out $200!  While I can’t tell you what’s in the workshop, I can tell you if it’s worth the price or not.

Day 0

Today I signed up.  The sign up page is HERE. I read all the fine print.  It looks pretty standard/reasonable.  She forgot (on her privacy policy) to declare “street address” as info that they collect on their site.  I’m sure that will be fixed, soon.  I was surprised to see a refund policy because it didn’t come up in the stuff I’d read about the online workshop.  You can get a refund if you jump through a few hoops within the first 7 days and destroy all material you already downloaded.


Remember to used the coupon code: “MONEY” to get 10% off.  The total price came to $179.10.  They accept Visa/Mastercard/American Express/Discover Card.  I was surprised there was no Paypal option for the workshop.

Emails (3)

I received three emails from Tip Junkie today.  They included my receipt, membership info, and purchase confirmation.  During signup, I subscribed to her newsletter “for occasional offers”.  I NEVER let people send me email.  But for you~~I will let you know if that’s a spammy option or not. So far I feel informed, but not buried in emails.


There is supposed to be a support group on the SITS’ girls forum.  However, they don’t have a dedicated forum for it yet.  My best guess – ask for help on the general “help” forum.  Hopefully they’ll make a “Mom Blog to Money Blog” section soon (like they did with Problogger’s “31dbbb”).


The login was clean and simple.  There is an option to reset your forgotten password via email. (I really need this.  I’m always losing passwords!)


I found this part confusing.  I clicked on the first link, expecting it to be the  first lesson.  It wasn’t.  Instead, scroll down to where it says “first week”.  The first link under that is where you actually start.  Her outline can be seen on her blog.  However, only registered members can click the link to reveal the content.

First Impressions

Professional.  Cheerful.  Friendly.  Helpful. On my side.  Pretty.

I like that I can do it from home.  in my PJ’s.  I am a PJ kind of girl.  I think we’re off to a good start.

 ♡ Jill

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  1. I have an online blog course that I’m going to start when I have time to sign up. Pretty sad. Work is so all consuming. What was it thinking? Visiting from my site to check yours out. Have a great day blogging.
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