Minority Report (TV) Review and #SPotD @rolandsmartin

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Did you see Minority Report on Fox? I had a hard time choosing between this and Scorpion.  CBS tried to sweeten the deal with the Wonder Woman extended preview. In the end I skipped Scorpion because I hate the way they try to force me to always watch their shows first by making them hard to watch online.

Loved the movie. Excited from the previews. Worried anything after Tom Cruise would be a huge let down.

It was good. 4/5 stars. Will watch again.

The technology was awesome! Loved the train–made me wonder just how close that tech is to happening. Loved the sit-down phone call. I was really impressed with the tech they used to recreate the crime scene. It was a logical jump from current cop shows like CSI. It was similar to Kiera on Continuum, but slightly better.

I go crazy over new technology, so took a moment to see if I liked the show even without the tech. Yes. I liked the twins. and Agatha. The cop is a little one-dimensional, but they have time to round out her character. The plot worked. The balance worked. I’m not dying to see what happens next, but it brings a smile to my face.

Pretty sure I will continue watching Minority Report rather than Scorpion on Monday nights. What about you? What did you like about it? Did anything bug you that I missed?



Spotlighted Periscope of the Day [#SPotD]: just hanging out with @rolandsmartin

Periscope was pretty dead today. I watched the Pope NOT arrive for a while. I watched Dad putting on Barney and a singer sing but hop off for a phone call. Nothing jumped out at me. Then I found this gem #rollingwithroland:

It took me back to high school – doing homework at a friend’s house. The music was cranked up. Jazzy. We were both busy working. The singing came out naturally and we both kept getting a bit distracted (but not too much). Plus, Roland is clearly at ease in front of a camera. There were 50ish people tuned in, but it didn’t feel a bit crowded. He immediately booted the guy who tried to spoil the mood. The view off the balcony was perfect. Tree tops. Swimming pool. It was everything a perfectly Autumn day should be. I’d tune in again. Let’s all go work outside –

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