Jack Reacher – Movie Review

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Jack Reacher

I enjoyed the movie!

Check your history at the door

It’s not life changing, it’s entertaining.  If Reacher fans will just stop complaining about height for 2 hours, they’ll find a true-to-Reacher movie that’s quite enjoyable.  If you haven’t read the books (and you totally should), Jack Reacher is an ex-military(police) wanderer who stands up for what’s right. He’s like Sherlock Holmes – picking up on details that don’t make sense, winning fights by knowing the best possible course of action because he knows how people think and how they will act…(but without the slow-mo). He’s wicked smart.  It’s fun to see him beat the bad guys because it’s fun to see how he thinks.

Reacher’s Character

The first thing you need to know about Jack Reacher is that he doesn’t change.  Unlike most stories, he doesn’t have a character arc – he isn’t going to learn anything he doesn’t already know.  He’s *that* guy who never throws the first punch, but always ends the fight. Reacher seems odd until you understand how he thinks.  The guy doesn’t believe in washing machines!  So, he tosses his clothes after a few days and buys new ones (at a thrift store, mind you.)  OK, I’m a little jealous that a woman could never pull off the no-more-laundry-EVER thing!! There was one line **tiny spoiler** where he mentioned drinking from a boot that forced me to admit that hubby was right about Reacher being like Conan.

There is that one part….

The whole story starts when 5 people are gunned down by a sniper.  It shows part of this at the start of the movie.  It was a bit sensitive for me, and I worried about that part as it unfolded.  They cut the scene before it got too uncomfortable.  They also spent time getting to know the victims, which felt right.

Violent Much?

It was harder to see the violence on the big screen than it was for me to read about it in a book. Part of Reacher’s “charm” is that he knows just how much force to use to stop his attackers without killing them.  Often this is swift and harsh enough to deter more attackers.

Trying not to do any spoilers here…

It’s a good action film.  It was totally hilarious in parts.  There were many Lee Child’s fans in the audience with me — you can tell because they laugh at all the right parts and hold their breath when something cool is about to happen.

The first thing I wanted to do after watching this movie was….watch it again! And the second was to re-read the book.  I can’t find my copy and it’s driving me nuts!!

OK – so, go see it.  Expect a smart, fun movie and you’ll enjoy it.  Don’t worry, you’ll still have time to see the Hobbit and Les Mis!

♡ Jill

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