Gatecrash Booster Box Review: Magic the Gathering

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Magic the Gathering - MTG GateCrash Sealed Box (36 Packs)
Magic the Gathering – MTG GateCrash Sealed Box (36 Packs)

So, it has been ages since I bought a booster box of Magic cards, but Return to Ravnica has been fun and so I figured I should dive in.  I’ve always wanted to play green/blue decks, but there are surprisingly few green/blue cards.  Since this is the first expansion with a decent selection of green/blue multi-color cards, that was another great reason to dive back into the addiction.

One thing I’ve always disliked about buying booster boxes was getting WAY TOO MANY commons.  However, after opening my Gatecrash Box and and sorting everything, there were only one or two common cards where I received more than four of that card.  I don’t know if my box was an anomaly or if they have controls over what goes into boxes, but I was really pleased with that.

I also experienced a nice grouping of uncommons and rares, though got unlucky with only getting one Boros Charm.  Boros Charm has such great effects that I love it even though I am not really into white/red.  My mythic rare draw was pretty lucky though.  I ended up with four of them and some decent ones, too.  Checking against pricing guides, my top 12 most expensive cards more than covered the cost of the box, so the rest of the 490ish cards came free.

Since I didn’t get an overabundance of commons or uncommons to trade away, I figured I would just go find cheap cards online to sort of “fill the tank” with cards that I wanted four of, skipping the $2+ cards along the way.  I ended up spending about $50 through TCGPlayer and I’ve never felt better about the end result.

As for the cards themselves – great set.  I’ve been loving EDH/commander decks lately and there is plenty of great material there that you might want to use to swap out some of your under-performing cards.   Some of my favorites (in no particular order) are:

Boros Charm

Simic Charm

Dimir Keyrune

Aurelia’s Fury (didn’t get it  – *cry*)

Master Biomancer (so excited to bounce and replicate this in my Riku deck)

The Lands (of course – some people are getting the set mostly for those)

Merciless Eviction (another one I didn’t get)

High Priest of Penance

Signal the Clans (library search is king in EDH)

Frontline Medic

Stolen Identity (Serial Legendary Killer)

Homing Lightning


Guardian of the Gateless


I’m also interested in seeing what freakish engines get built around:

Illusionist Bracers (automatically copies activated effect of equipped creature)

Enter the Infinite (draw your whole deck minus one card)

Unexpected Results (as long as land is on top it keeps on giving)

Duskmantle Seer (4/4 flying vampire howling mine that bites on the draw)

Immortal Servitude (pull ALL creatures out of your graveyard having a certain converted mana cost and PUTS THEM ALL into play)


I am definitely excited about the final set: Dragon’s Maze.  Should be a blast.