Following up on “The Following” – **SPOILERS**

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I caught the second episode of The Following Monday night.  I have a brilliant spoiler for you!  Now, I’m not one of those cool and official TV people who get to watch TV episodes in advance of all us common folk!


But I do know that everything happens for a reason.  OK, not in real life – not really.  But in *fiction* everything happens for a reason.  So here’s my prediction: I think the ex-wife (Claire) is in on it.  So, I know it’s a stretch that she would wait 10 years and divorce her husband.  *but* if she vetted the nanny, why did her credentials fall apart so easily?  Who’s to say the nanny hasn’t been passing messages back and forth between Joe and Claire for years! Plus, if Joe’s so good at getting followers, wouldn’t the love of his life be his biggest follower?  He had plenty of time to brain wash her.  PLUS – what was the point of her visiting him in prison?  Why did she slap him?  I think it was so they could touch; so he could grab her and tell her that he loves her.

Everyone is busy wondering about the cult lady.  What book did she give him?  What’s in the book?  (I’m thinking a phone to text stuff or otherwise stay in communication with his followers.) No one is wondering about Claire but me.  *But* how cool would that be?  and as Piper pointed out, if Claire’s not in on it then the storyline is a bit dull.

What do you think?  Is Claire in on it?  What other guesses do you have? Share!

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♡ Jill