Flight (2012) Review

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So, this movie is a bait and switch.  Not a bad, one, as I was pleased with it and really enjoyed it.  The trailers make it out to be one thing, but it is really a deeper movie than that.  But most people are not looking for a deep and meaningful experience, they just want conflict and excitement, so that is what the trailers for Flight promise.

While there is some excitement, the movie is really about two sets of events that are allegorical to each other.  It is very interesting seeing the parallels between the first part of the movie and what follows.  It also leads you to think about your own life and how the good and bad each play with each other in all of us.

The cast is great and Denzel Washington does a realistic performance.  The script is well written and the cinematics are very good, too.  You can tell that the production was led by a singular vision and that the team did their best.

If you are getting lost at all, there are a few points in the movie where some of the characters drop into a narrators role.  In particular, the cancer patient at the hospital.  If you pay attention to what they say, it helps draw a map for what is going on and what to expect.

The movie is an interesting twist on the tragic hero, as the main character basically gets to save the day in his flawed way twice in succession.   I also felt that it was a very interesting insight that our lives are like an airplane filled with the people that are closest to us.

I definitely recommend seeing the movie.  Be sure to have some time afterwards to think about it a bit and maybe talk with someone about it.