Drawstring Bag for School

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Here’s another every day item – Piper’s school bag.
So, her school has a no-backpack policy. Only drawstring bags are allowed. She hates her locker, so she just carries everything in her bag all day long.
After a few weeks, the books started to wear a hole near the top of the bag. So, I turned it inside out and reinforced the whole thing with duck tape.  I wish I’d thought to use some cool pattern, but I just grabbed the plain, silver duck tape.

You can see the horizontal  lines it made in the bag:

One of the amazon reviews suggested using them for a Christmas gifts.  (Personalizing it with markers or paints).  I can see the younger kids totally loving that.

I have another drawstring bag that I use occasionally.  It’s really handy!  But…it also has the logo of the orthodontist that we decided NOT to go to.  Awkward!

Have you tried these cinch/drawstring bags yet?  What do you put in them?

♡ Jill

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