Defending Jacob

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Last week Penny came to me with an important question on her mind.  “Mom, does God love the bad guys, too??”

It reminded me of a book that is amazing.  Instead of asking “who dunnit” it asks “what would you do”.  Landay spins his story in a way that is totally believable and shows multiple sides of a scary issue–an issue that crosses every parent’s mind when bad things happen.  The ending was really freaky.  It’s not my usual cup of tea, but I loved this book.  Warning — you will want to discuss this with someone once you finish it.  So, either read it with someone, summarize the WHOLE book for someone (sorry Patrick!), or send me a message when you’re done – I’d love to chat it out with you! [Tell your book club!]


I told Penny that God knew the bad guys *before* they were bad guys.  He is sad that they made bad choices, and he doesn’t remove their consequences, but He does love them.  Where do these little minds come up with such questions?  What would you have said?  Have your kids asked about it?

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