Deception vs Castle

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Did you catch Deception on NBC last night?  Me neither–I was too busy watching Castle.

I did manage to watch an early showing on (love Hulu!) Deception was better than I expected it to be.  It was pretty to watch.  The detective is likeable.  I’m interested in the storyline.

The problem is that it’s only going to hold my attention for a few episodes.  Any time you have a murder mystery that is strung out over a whole season (or *gasp* two seasons) it means you don’t get to find out who did it.  You get bigger and bigger cliff hangers.  Eventually you miss an episode and then realize that it didn’t matter at all that you missed it. That’s when the magic ends.

Plus…hello, Castle is one of the best shows on TV right now.  Mind you, last season was a little…labored.  But now that Beckett and Castle are together, they have good side drama going.  Plus Castle has awesome facebook interaction.

Nice try, NBC.  Lucky for you, Deception will be available online the next day.  ….and I do want to watch it.  Just not during Castle!

What did you think?  Are you interested?  Do you care who killed the rich druggy daughter? Have any guesses?

♡ Jill

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