Argo and Warm Bodies

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Argo and Warm Bodies were both good.  Check out the trailers so you know what to expect.  It doesn’t ruin either movie to know the storyline beforehand.

Feels like….

Argo is exciting and cool and thoughtful all at the same time.  It’s a spy movie, but not like Bond.  Argo feels like reading a book – you really get into the story and into the characters.  You find yourself holding your breath even though you know how it has to end. And it’s fun!

Warm bodies feels like the core of a love story.  It’s not Edward and Bella, but it doesn’t need to be.  [and why do E&B love each other anyway??] Atleast *R* knows why he loves her :) Warm bodies feels like roses buds.  Sure, there’s lots of allegorical layers.  We could pull them all off and examine them one by one.  OR we could just smile and enjoy the rose.

What I didn’t expect….

Iranian officials threatening to sue over the “wrongful portrayals” shown in the movie.  Uhhh….ya…..they waited til after it’d won best picture.  It won’t go anywhere, but it’ll end up on QI eventually.

A zombie movie on Valentine’s Day.  Really?  Ok, it was cute.  Super cute.  and right there with all the sides of LOVE.  And we’re all secretly preparing for the zombie apocalypse because you have to be able to run faster than your neighbors….*coughs*…..  *but* – no girl will want to make out after watching this movie.  A zombie is still a zombie.  Dead.  Rotting.  Stinking and Gross. and falling apart.  I’m just saying, definitely plan an *after* activity to allow time for the gross factor to fade.

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