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Last year I bought only the most AMAZING presents to give as gifts.  Now it’s time to start looking for presents again. As I wonder what to get this year, I can’t help but look around to see which presents survived from last year.

Topping the list is a set of Angry Birds plush toys.

Now, I went all out – buying not only the Angry Birds and the pigs, but also a giant slingshot (made for water balloons).

I saved empty cereal, pasta and instant oatmeal boxes for a month! I cut down the side of the boxes, turned them inside out, re-taped them into original shapes, and then painted them. (These can be seen in the background of Jay’s Vendetta nForce Nerf Sword review.)

  • The Angry Birds had an immediate wow factor that’s alive and well a year later.  (So fun to throw angry birds irl–we even have bird fights and throw them at each other.  Doesn’t hurt a bit. Makes a cool noise + giggles!)
  • The slingshot was a total waste — much funner to just chuck the birds.
  • The boxes/tower is gone.  That’s totally my fault.  The kids LOVED the boxes. I got sick of seeing them all over the floor of the playroom ALL THE TIME.  So, I threw them out when nobody was looking.  (sorry guys!)
  • Biggest surprise:  the birds still look fairly new.  The King Pig lost his crown.  Otherwise, the whole set looks great – no dirt or rips or stuffing falling out or weird smells or bite marks (from the dog!).

I think Angry Birds would still go over well this year.  I would say boys/girls ages 3-11.  They would even work as stuffing stuffers or pillow buddies.

What Christmas toys survived the year at your house?

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  1. {Kathy} My kids begged me for those last year. I guess I should have given in! I bought our WHOLE family Nerf guns, vests, laser tag gear and goggles so we could all play together……That’s six people Nerfing around the house at the same time. Needless to say, I find orange “bullets” everywhere!
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